Why use an Advisor?



- Discuss process and owner priorities

- Due Diligence meeting

- Address "social issues"

- Develop / draft financial model

- Discuss “add-backs”

- Draft offering memorandum

- Manage expectations / valuation

- Strategize on Marketing Plan



  During Transaction

- Add professionalism / seriousness

- Allows for management to focus on business

- Create a market for the Company

- Provides negotiation support (good cop / bad cop)

- Assists in confirmatory due diligence

- Control information flow

- Facilitate interested parties’ responses



Whether a company has already been approached by a strategic acquirer or is going out to auction, having a financial advisor adds tremendous value and professionalism to the sale process.





Why Brook Point Advisors?

    Depth of Experience

BPA professionals have significant transaction experience and have successfully represented sellers across a variety of industries in closing billions of dollars in transactions with strategic and financial acquirors. 

    Process Knowledge and Flexibility

BPA deal team members have a complete, professional knowledge of the process and what is required and appropriate for achieving liquidity for selling shareholders.  Brook Point is very experienced at running a parallel process (minority vs. majority sale), providing flexibility in alternatives for selling shareholders.

      Complete, professional and secure process

BPA offers complete management of a secure, online data room, with the ability to target 1 or 200 different investors / acquirors – thus enabling it to pursue parallel paths giving management the flexibility to make the investor / acquiror selection at a later point in time.

      Professional, Senior Level Attention

BPA provides senior level attention along every step of the M&A process. BPA professionals are respectful and professional in all situations.

      Complete Due Diligence Management

The due diligence process is disruptive to the business – BPA specializes in post letter of intent deal management, working alongside Company counsel in managing the due diligence process and providing support to legal documentation scheduling and business point negotiations.